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MCI builds Ü55 radio SNG for NDR in Kiel

In December 2012 NDR commissioned Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI) GmbH to create the radio SNG Ü55 for the state’s broadcasting studio of Schleswig-Holstein located in Kiel.

Being one of the biggest radio SNGs at NDR Kiel, the Ü55 is in continuous operation at reporting of current events, music productions, church services, pre-productions, live reports, as well as several-hour live-broadcastings.
Taking all of this into consideration, it was all the more important to meet NDR’s individual requirements concerning the SNG’s use. Thus, only the running gear with driver’s cab of the Mercedes Benz Vario 818D was used, as regarding the case production the workspace and stowage was individually planned and customized. In doing so, a separate service gangway which provides comfortable access to the pre-installed devices and can also be used as stowage space for heavy equipment, could be created.

Complex measurements with different materials were performed beforehand to meet the demanded acoustical requirements of the NDR. The ideal wall construction made of sandwich panels with acoustical attenuation determined this way, considerably exceeded the aspired result – the consistent acoustical attenuation of the wall structure achieved by this means is therefore much better than demanded.

Among other things the technical equipment of the Ü55 comprises of a satellite system by IPG, as well as an audio mixing console of series 52 by DHD. Furthermore, the SNG has a special NDR-own on-board unit through which the van can be connected with the NDR house network from any location, thus being able to exchange data with the broadcasting studio at all times.