mcs thüringen

MCI renews self-op studios at MCS Thüringen

In the past 10 years MCI was responsible for the entire technical renewal of MCS Radio self-op studios for MDR Landesfunkhaus [state broadcast studios] Thüringen.

At that the two already existing broadcast studios were renewed from the ground up. In the course of the project, the studios were equipped with state-of-the-art technology and custom-made, high-quality studio furniture. The broadcast complex was extended by a third self-op studio at the same time.

Essential elements to be integrated were Lawo broadcast and radio mixing consoles Sapphire and Crystal, as well as the matching matrix switcher. Optimod FM 8600 HD were employed for sound processing. Scysis broadcast automation and CART-player were also updated during the renovation.

A part of the project was to integrate a telephone hybrid control system through the VisTool operating software by Lawo company – the software had been newly developed in the context of the project. As an innovation, control now ensues via network and in this way allows the usual features of a telephone hybrid control system and call signaling.

The challenge was to conduct the entire construction of the self-op studios without interrupting of the broadcastings.

“Compliance with the schedules, as well as the budget could only be achieved thanks to the excellent and close collaboration with both MCS Systemtechnik and the MDR editorial office” says MCI project manager Alfons Hillebrand.