MCS GmbH Thüringen

July 2006 – October 2007,
Extension 2012 and 2014

Main components:

  • Aveco automation
  • GVG K2-transmission-server
  • MVP-Multiviewer-System
  • Focus displays 47”
  • Maestro master control system

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Playout Services

In July 2006, MCI started modernizing and enlarging the broadcast center of the MCS GmbH Thüringen, which transmits the daily Kinderkanal program (Children’s Channel of the two public television stations ARD and ZDF) from 6 am to 21 pm. The entire infrastructure as well as all devices are HD-capable and can easily be upgraded.

To facilitate the process of ingest, playout and the approval of broadcasts an Astra automation from Aveco has been integrated also actuating the K2-transmission-server. The Profile-XP-Server was linked with the new and redundantly configured K2-server for a problem-free file transfer.
The video walls found in the broadcasting center and in the master control room of the broadcast center Thüringen were replaced by a MVP-Multiviewer-System in connection with six 47-inch-Focus-displays. In order to produce trailers without a pre-production the Maestro master control system 2007 was extended by a two-channel video effect device. The implementation of logos and the bonding of PDC (Program Delivery Control) data were realized with components from Evertz and Albrecht. Axon Tracs Systems are responsible for Compliance recording.

The development, the commissioning and the changing to the new system must have been effectuated without any interference on the existing system and on the operations in the broadcast center. Such a realization required a flexible planning and a close and uncomplicated communication with the customer. On that account, MCI successfully concluded the project in October 2007.

In 2012 MCI refurbished the presentation suite of public broadcaster “Kinderkanal” in the city of „Erfurt“. The main mission of the project was to upgrade the presentation mixer and surrounding equipment to HD (720p50) and to integrate a new on-air graphics system from the company ORAD.
Other tasks in the project included: Supply and integration of an audio processor for managing Dolby-E conversions and monitoring loudness. (Jünger Audio)
Supply and Integration of an ancillary data generator for encoding AFD, VPS in to SMPTE2031 (Albrecht), Supply and integration of video and audio monitoring equipment. (Tektronix and Sonifex). Extensive upgrades and new features were also integrated into the transmission automation (Astra from AVECO).

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