Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie


Main Task:
July 2008 – June 2009

Additional Task:
December 2009 – February 2010

Main Components:

Danish Interpretation System

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Federal Ministry of Economics

Renovation of the Conference Facility

The Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi), as general contractor, assigned to MCI the task of renovating conference and interpreter technology. In close cooperation with the persons responsible at the BMWi and at ProdyTel GmbH, the German distributor of DIS, MCI planned and installed the facility with 200 specially produced speaking terminals.

The conference centre of the Federal Ministry of Economics consists of four conference halls located in the main building. The Oak Hall, the Aula and two other, somewhat smaller halls were equipped with new digital conference facilities by DIS (Danish Interpretation System).

The 200 speaking terminals in the conference halls are based on the standard products by DIS, but these were altered in several technical details. Each speaking terminal now contains two parts with loudspeaker, headphone access for the playback of the translation and channel selection as well as microphone switches to activate the microphone, so that each conference participant has his/her own operating unit.

Each hall has a DCS 6000 CU 6011 conference headquarters that can manage up to 3800 conference units and up to 31 interpreter channels in the maximum expansion stage. The Aula has three fixed interpreter cabinets; in addition, four mobile cabinets can be set up in the Aula and be connected to the interpreter and conference facility via floor tanks. There are ten interpreter sets IS 6132P by DIS for flexible application in the interpreter cabinets. The interpreter sets are also managed by the central units CU 6011 and these provide exchange with the infrared system by Brähler together with the output unit AO 6008 by DIS. Eight analogous output signals can be fed into the module of the Brähler ICS infracom facility. In this way, the interpreters’ signals can still be transmitted with a cinema layout.

The integrated DIS systems have an interface with which it is still possible to integrate the given Brähler infrared receivers and transmitters.

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