Deutsche Welle TV

February 2009 – July 2009

Main components:

  • Evertz VIP
  • Barco 47“ LC-Displays
  • Clear-Com Kommando Anlage

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Deutsche Welle TV

Reinstallation of the master control room

Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI) GmbH had been commissioned with the reinstallation of the entire master control room and the signal recording room by Deutsche Welle TV.

The order did not only compromised the new construction of the IvD-workplace to control the quality and the set-up of conference calls and special programs, but also the installation of the master control room for recordings and re-recordings to the digital system of the Deutsche Welle in Berlin. The project included the assembling of several test and operation benches (signal control and recording or transmission), the integration of an Evertz VIP multiviewer system, which contains a Barco 47“ LC-display and an upgrade of the existing Clear-Com command centre.

The entire technical furniture, display walls and display fittings for both rooms are a customized solution manufactured by MCI. For this purpose MCI applied a flexible modular system for the display walls for the first time. The planning of the furniture took place in close cooperation with the Deutsche Welle TV. The assembling and the start of operation were conducted from February to June 2009 due to a redesigning of the studios, which also had been structurally engineered.

Since July 2009 the new system works to best customers satisfaction.

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