Danmarks Radio

June 2009 – December 2011
(for the first five locations)

Main Components:

  • Studer OnAir 300
  • Studer CMS
  • Dynaudio speakers
  • Dalet continuity and editing system
  • G+D KVM technology

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Danmarks Radio

New Construction of the Radio Regional Studios

Danmarks Radio awarded Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI) GmbH the contract to renew, for the present, five of eight radio regional studios in Århus, Aalborg, Odense, Aabenraa, Holstebro, Vejle, Bornholm, and Næstved.

The eight locations were supposed to be equipped almost identically with two self-op studios, two news studios, a speakers‘ cabin and three editing stations. For this purpose a so called mock-up project was installed at the regional studio Næstved as a pilot for the other locations. Adjustments and changes were made in close collaboration with the users, so that a studio complex was established, which is exactly fitted to their needs. The operating personnel and the editors are able to change the location without any problems, without the need to adjust again.

During the installation, already half of the studio complexes have been renewed, so that the operation could be continued in the other half. Due to the pre-assembly of the technology in Hamburg, each of the phases of reconstruction were kept short.

Danmarks Radio decided to use the mixing console Studer OnAir 300 in the studios. Continuity and editing system were by Dalet. The separate locations are connected via Mandozzi Codecs and LWL with the headquarters in Copenhagen. The Studer CMS (Call Management System) for telephone interaction is also connected to the central server in Copenhagen.

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