NRK (Norsk rikskringkasting)

March 2012 – September 2012

Main components:

  • Volkswagen T5
  • Advent automated and self-positioning satellite system
  • Viprint VPN-router
  • Router
  • BroaMan/Optocore stagebox
  • MRC microwave emitter
  • Ross CrossOver solo video mixer
  • Lawo Crystal audio mixer
  • Zähl Intercom
  • Glensound telephone hybrid
  • Avcom spectrum analyser
  • Ericsson satellite receiver

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Within the scope of an European announcement, Studio Hamburg Media Consult International MCI (GmbH) had been commissioned by the Norwegian public broadcasting corporation NRK (Norsk rikskringkasting) to build two satellite news gathering vehicles (SNG).

While developing the vehicles, particular importance was attached on the simplified handing for one-person operations. Therefore even not technically experienced journalists are able to create and to compose contributions without external assistance.

The SNG 1 and the SNG 2 will be used for short-term regional news coverage in Oslo and the surrounding areas as well as in the South of Norway. Both SNGs were built on the base of a Volkswagen T5 and will replace the outdated vehicles.

The SNGs are differently equipped: while the SNG 2 was designed for rapid news coverage with one camera, the SNG 1 can process up to four camera signals plus several external sources.

On each vehicle, a fully automated and self-positioning satellite system of Advent (Vislink) was installed. The alignment of the antenna is effected by an antenna control unit, by a GPS-antenna and by a compass. By means of stored presets, the alignment can be realized within several minutes. Furthermore a VPN-router (Viprinet) had been installed, to set up the best possible internet connection via GSM and/or LTE, if the according nets are avail-able. If this is not the case, the Scandinavian ensures a slower, but an all over the country available wireless internet connection. For the broadcast of audio, video, ethernet and control/tally signals, the SNGs were equipped with stageboxes of BroaMan/Optocore.

Moreover the SNG 1 had been provided with a microwave emitter of MRC (Vislink). The transmitter antenna on the top of the extendible column, enables the transmission of acurrent coverage from a city area in Oslo to the central broadcasting center. To reduce the weight of the SNG 1, a satellite antenna made of carbon is used.

Further employed technology: CrossOver Solo video mixer (Ross), Crystal audio mixer (Lawo), intercom (Zähl), Glensound telephone hybrid, Avcom spectrum analyser, Ericsson satellite receiver.

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