Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg

October 2010 – April 2011

Main Components:

  • Miranda Multiviewersystems
  • Kaleido X FR-7
  • Barco Retrojection cube
  • OV-715

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Renovation of the Monitor Wall in Potsdam

Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI) GmbH was assigned the task of renovating the monitor wall DVB-SAW in the ARD-POC Potsdam by the Berlin Brandenburg Broadcasting Company (RBB) in October 2010.

The ARD Play-Out Centre is established at the location of the RBB in Potsdam. Here is where the programmes “EinsExtra”, “EinsPlus” and “EinsFestival” are compiled for the digital bouquet of the ARD and played off via the DVB programme management. The capacities are laid out for three independent programme routes (channels). The necessary programme material is taken on, viewed, processed and broadcast via cable, tape or live programme broadcasts by satellite.

The monitor wall renovated by MCI is the central component in the DVB broadcasting and is conceived for a 24/7 supervision and control of all incoming and outgoing signals. There were, therefore, especially high RBB standards to fulfil as regards quality and safeguarding against failure.

In order to do justice to the increased requirements in the playout operation, and to cope with future tasks in a changing production landscape, a complete renovation of the monitor wall in the DVB-SAW and of the corresponding multiviewer system was required.

The main points of emphasis in this were: 1. Installation of a new multiviewer system in a detached ZGR and fibreglass-based connection to the DVB-SAW transitional monitoring during the time of installation. 2. Dismantling of the present monitor wand (incl. integrated technology). 3. Construction of a completely new monitor wall with rear-projection devices and integrated technology.

All the works had to be carried out during regular operation and continuously occupied broadcasting. The assembly was carried out by MCI’s sub-contractor, the firm of audioone GmbH. The inspection took place on 5 April 2011.

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