SVT Sveriges-Television

July 2011 – July 2012

Main Components:

  • Grass Valley Kayenne Video-Mixer
  • Grass Valley LDK 8000
  • Mosart Studioautomation
  • VSM of L-S-B
  • Optocore/BroaMan fiber-AV real time network
  • Miranda rooters und multiviewer
  • Axon Glue components
  • Lynx Glue components
  • Shotoku Robot tripod
  • Studer Audio console
  • Harris
  • EVS
  • Focus Displays
  • Boland Displays
  • Clear-Com
  • Optocore fibre media network

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Renewing studio complex in Stockholm

In July 2011, Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI) GmbH has been given the task to renew the whole studio complex of the broadcast station in Stockholm by the Swedish television SVT.

The complex includes five studios, five video control rooms, four sound control rooms, several control rooms for the level of cameras and light, three speaker’s cabins, a little Bluescreen studio and a central equipment room, including more than 60 racks. The whole technology was designed to the 1080p/50 (HD@3Gbit/s) standard.

The entire complex is supposed to be controlled via the studio automation by Mosart. For this purpose, interfaces had to be programmed and extended to iNews, but also to the self-developments of SVT like broadcast automation, subtitle and graphics systems.

All of the control rooms and production rooms are supposed to be totally flexible and independently assigned to the studios. Most of the workstations can also be variably used. Therefore an agreement was made to use the control system by L-S-B and the VSM system in combination with an IHSE KVM during the functional tender phase of five months. Thus, all components and workstations can be independently managed and assigned. In addition, a resource planning for the broadcast relevant modules and systems were established, which was developed by L-S-B.

SVT wanted to completely dispense with customary wall-mounted terminal boxes and demanded a stage box concept based on fibre-technique for any signal coming over from and in the studios. Up to the time of the tender offer, the first MADI / fibre stage boxes by Studer were already used for audio signals. By the integration of a fibre media network based CWDM by Optocore, makes it possible to multiplex all video-, control- and network signals and to yield these signals to the studios. Even for the deduction or conversion of 3G HD-SDI signals in the different production rooms, the media network of Optocore is used. Another advantage of the system is the seamless integration in the Clear-Com intercom system. The intercoms can easily be embedded in the network.

The term of the project amounts only one year. The first two directions for news were accepted at the 23rd of December 2011. They are on air since the 5th of March 2012. The remaining directions were put into service in time for the Summer Olympic Games in 2012 in London.

Furthermore, so called “Remote Productions” are able to be controlled via the new control rooms. In this connection, the studio production equipment such as cameras, intercom, sound and preview are controlled via optical fiber lines and special multiplexers. This way, SVT is dispensing with outside broadcasting and wants to produce sports events or other live events with and from their own directions. The first productions were already successful.

The task included among other things 22 LDK 8000 Worldcam cameras, five Grass Valley Keyenne video mixers, switchers and Multiviewer by Miranda and Lawo, Glue components by Axon, Shotoku, robotic tripods, Studer sound consoles, Harris and EVS broadcasting and intercom system, Focus and Boland Displays and an extensive Clear-Com intercom system, including the digital wireless FreeSpeak.

The renewing of the studio complex also includes an extended working package for the workshops of MCI. For the directions, the control rooms and speaker’s cabins, furniture of very high quality were custom-made. The planning of the furniture took place in close collaboration and consultation with SVT.

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