ZDF Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen

June 2008 – January 2009

Main components:

  • 8 VizRT Render Systems
  • Barco 160 Port Multiviewer
  • 70” Rearprojection Displays
  • 47” Barco TFTs
  • Utah-Scientific ZKS
  • Lawo Router
  • Lynx, Axon & Network
  • Alpermann & Velte
  • Black Box KVM System

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Construction of news studios

The ZDF (second channel of German TV) has awarded Studio Hamburg Media Consult International (MCI) GmbH the contract for the construction of the N1 & N2 news studios in the ZDF broadcasting centre in Mainz. ZDF is one of the leading information channels in Germany. Every day, approximately 20 programmes are produced in the news studios.

The use of virtual sets ensures a much more efficient organisation of the work involved in producing the news programmes mentioned above. To achieve this, the new ZDF studio complex was equipped with an almost 360° chroma-key capable green box and a VizRT 3D-capable virtual set system.

The large control room with a total of 16 workstations on two levels is assigned to the 680 sqm news studio N1. However, the sound and picture areas will be physically separated by a glass partition. The smaller, so-called “compact control room” is assigned to the news studio N2, which has 330 sqm of studio space. In the event of a breakdown, cross-over operations ensure an easy and readily available mechanism for transferring control from the other area.

In addition to integrating all the components required for broadcasting, MCI also developed an interface between the iNews editorial system and the Alpermann & Velte timer system. Another development worth emphasising is the integration of the Black Box KVM matrix, which is one of the largest IP-based KVM installations in Europe. 169 servers and 70 user workstations can be freely operated with the help of this system. This ensures a high degree of flexibility and service-friendliness.
MCI’s workshops designed, built and installed all the technical furnishings such as control desks, monitor walls, trolleys and newsreader’s tables.

The order was placed at the beginning of June 2008. ZDF and MCI planning teams collaborated closely on the detailed plans. Assembly already began at the beginning of July after only four weeks. Although the schedule had been tight, the project was completed on time in January 2009.

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