Soliton to Present Groundbreaking Ultra Low Latency Solutions at IBC

Soliton (IBC Stand 2.B11) presents at the IBC its latest development with strong improvements regarding Ultra Low Latency. With its mobile H.265 encoders, MCI’s partner is already setting standards for live remote productions. Now the manufacturer wants to demonstrate previously unattainable latency for outdoor transmissions. Soliton’s latest solution shortens the total latency time from camera to transmitter to 50 ms. This allows the manufacturer to undercut its own best time. Soliton’s Zao-S mobile video encoder currently achieves 240 ms, already considered the lowest end-to-end latency.

“The initial driver for low latency was a partnership between Soliton and an automotive company for remote driving applications” Andrews explains. “When remote driving from a remote location relying on cameras, latency has to be practically zero. We have now been able to take that innovation and apply it successfully to the broadcast market”, says Mark Andrews, the Head of Broadcast and Mobile Surveillance at Soliton Systems Europe.

Livestreaming productions e.g. in sports or users in the field of encrypted mobile surveillance can now profit from this.

In addition to innovations of ultra low latency, Soliton will be presenting other new solutions to IBC visitors, such as a cloud based video switcher that meets the requirements of smaller production companies and a new web management solution.
Visitors to the IBC can experience the innovations at the Soliton booth 2.B11. The MCI team can also be reached on site and by appointment at +49 (0) 40-6688 -3628.